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"What Will It Do For You" (Or Your Company)?

10 Reasons to Train Salespeople

Sales training offers a multitude of benefits, not just for those in the sales profession, but also for a broader audience.

10 Reasons to Use Track Selling

Although everyone says they are unique, we truly are with a track record to prove it.

Track Selling Momentum™ Lifecycle Sales Training

Your Sales Journey, Amplified: From Learning to Lifetime Mastery with Momentum

Track Selling Momentum is our holistic training approach designed to counter the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve*. Say goodbye to forgetfulness and hello to long-term sales success in a rapidly changing world.

Salespeople Learn Momentum when they understand the science and psychology of how and why people buy.

Salespeople Practice Momentum when they create custom selling approaches for each prospect using AI.

Salespeople Reinforce Momentum as they increase their revenue production by double digits. 

The sections below show our offerings for each of these steps.

Learn: Acquire core skills in 3 ways: in-person, virtual, online

Track Selling ClassicTrack™ Sales Training

Learn Track Selling core skills in-person from seasoned instructors 

As you start your learning journey, Track Selling ClassicTrack gives you a foundation for a successful sales career. (Three eight-hour days, 24 total hours of instruction)

Track Selling VirtualTrack™ Sales Training

Learn Track Selling core skills in a live virtual environment, facilitated by our professional instructors 

Track Selling VirtualTrack contains similar content as ClassicTrack, but does not require travel, hotel or time away from the office. (Three four-hour days, 12 total hours of instruction)

Track Selling LearnTrack™ Sales Training

Online, on-demand, self-paced curriculum for learning Track Selling core skills.

 A flexible, nine-course e-learning courseware program in a highly interactive environment led by MAX, a futuristic avatar mentor. (6 hours)

Practice:  Build muscle memory through role-play sessions

Three salespeople conducting a role-play session in person

Track Selling Workshop Role-play Sessions

In-person and virtual workshops reserve significant time to practice new sales skills with your peers 

Practice real-world scenarios in a low-risk environment, helping you refine your sales process and build confidence before interacting with actual clients.

Track Selling PracticeTrack™ Sales Training

Three two-hour, online, instructor-led skills review dedicated to practicing real-world scenarious

PracticeTrack is a live, instructor-led, virtual role-play program that allows you to practice and reinforce Track Selling System skills through live, simulated sales scenarios with peers.

Reinforce: Learn constantly using our extensive toolkits

Track Selling MicroTrack™ Sales Training

Video micro-lessons that reinforce the philosophy, principles, and process of Track Selling

Update and expand your Track Selling skills leading to increased sales, higher commissions, and greater career satisfaction. Use our sales coaching guidebook to facilitate team learning.

Track Selling RoyTrack™ Sales Tools

World Class Selling, The Guaranteed Close podcast series, and key sales documents are ideal support tools

These classic tools provide in-depth knowledge, stories, and examples that offer real-world insights and humor from Roy Chitwood, our mentor, coach and friend.

Innovate: Discover new ways to compete

Track Selling DialogueTrack™ Sales Guide

A personalized step-by-step guide from initial contact to close created by combining the Track Selling System™ with Artificial Intelligence.

Two salespeople practicing for a sales call

Today's intense market competition demands that sales teams integrate a proven sales methodology with artificial intelligence.

AI innovation ensures sales efforts are insightful and spot-on to fit customer needs.

DialogueTrack delivers on those demands.

Testimonials: Hear what our graduates have to say

*Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve: Why training can never stop

Ebbinghaus' Study on Memory

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus published a study in 1885 highlighting how memory retention diminishes over time. This study, validated in 2015 by the University of Amsterdam, demonstrates the rapid decline in the amount of information retained without reinforcement.

Key Discoveries

  • Memories weaken as time passes.
  • Significant memory loss occurs shortly after initial learning.
  • Retention is better for meaningful information.
  • Presentation style can influence memory retention.
  • Emotional and physiological factors, like stress and sleep, impact memory.

Strategies to Combat Forgetting

    • Use "Spaced Learning" to review information at key moments.
    • Overlearn by putting in extra effort during the learning phase.
    • Present information in a clear, relevant, and purposeful manner, emphasizing its benefits.
    • Continuously challenge and test memory to strengthen recall.

Track Selling Institute's Take

We incorporate these findings into our Learn-Practice-Reinforce methodology, particularly emphasizing Spaced Learning.

Spaced Learning in Practice

We suggest a series of learning events, spread over time, to enhance memory retention of skills and knowledge from your initial workshop.

The Genius Behind Track Selling: Roy Chitwood

Roy Chitwood, Developer of the Track Selling System™

Roy E. Chitwood, CSE, CSP

Developer of the Track Selling System™

Roy Chitwood was a powerful force in the sales training industry. He was a mentor, coach and friend to thousands of sales professionals including the current owners of the Track Selling Institute. Here is a brief summary of his professional life.

  1. Insurance to Sales Training Leader: Roy began his career in insurance, excelling in roles like Branch Manager, District Manager, and Regional Manager. He built his region and turned it into the top-producing territory in the company.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Throughout his career, Roy consistently made in-person sales calls, emphasizing the importance of firsthand experience in field sales.
  3. Training Focus: Early on, Roy identified the significance of proper training, dedicating two years to creating a sales training program. This effort laid the foundation for many processes now integral to the Track Selling System™.
  4. MSI & Track Selling System™: In 1976, Roy acquired Max Sacks International, the predecessor to the Track Selling Institute. He further refined their sales training program, resulting in "The Track Selling System™: A Scientific Selling Procedure." He believed salespeople should engage deeply with clients, acting as consultants and partners.
  5. Professional Affiliations: Roy is past president and chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) and Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Los Angeles. He was also awarded a lifetime achievement award by the SMEI. He was a Certified Sales Executive (CSE) and was a member and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) of the National Speakers Association. He was dedicated to empowering sales professionals to prosper and enjoy their work.

Roy passed away in July, 2015. We miss him very much.

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