How We Build a Track Selling Playbook™

Creating a Track Selling Playbook is a process that combines the real-life experiences of your salespeople with the science of selling of the Track Selling System.

1. Interview the team

We interview key people involved throughout the entire sales process and document our findings. We draw out tribal knowledge of customer needs, competitive pressures, and industry requirements. We identify common scenarios, frequent objections, and gain insight into competitors. These interviews can take place in-person or virtually. They can be done in a single session or over several days. After our interviews, we review the results with sales leaders and field sales professionals to validate our findings.

2. Apply Track Selling principles

Based on our findings in Step One, we apply the Track Selling System to real-world situations. We develop dialogues for sales conversations, answers to common objections, and deep and meaningful questions for customer interactions. We incorporate specific examples of the Five Buying Decisions and the Six Buying Motives to the Seven Steps of Track Selling. When we're done, you'll have a step-by-step guide for over 80% of your selling situations.

3. Produce the Playbook

Once we've documented and validated our findings, we create an easy-to-use guide that can be used by everyone in the sales process. You can use it to define you overall strategy, to prepare for phone calls, or to engage with your prospect or customer one-on-one or in group settings. You can use the Playbook to create proposals, respond to RFPs or to successfully engage in contract negotiations. The guide can be printed or made available online for easy-immediate access.

The Playbook Sections

Your Playbook has three sections. Two are focused on the strategy and tactics of selling and the third provides useful learning opportunities.

1. Strategy

The first section of the Playbook helps you develop a sales strategy for each sales opportunity. How will you approach them? Who will you engage? What will you accomplish in the first meeting? Second meeting, etc? How will the sales team advance and accelerate sales opportunities throughout the sales cycle?


2. Tactics

Once your strategy is in place, you need to execute. The Playbook will explain to you how to apply the principles and techniques of Track Selling to each step of the sales process to ensure the highest probability of success.


3. Stories

The final section of the Playbook contains stories that describe how your peers have tackled the sales process including sales gone right and sales gone wrong. You'll see the best in action so you can learn from them. This means the Playbook can be used for on-going training and reinforcement.


Track Selling Playbook Investment

Each Track Selling Playbook is customized to your business, customers, and selling process. It's a hand-crafted document that you can use immediately, every day, in most selling situations. This investment depends on size of sales team and if Playbook creation is done virtually or in-person.

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