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For 20+ years Dr. James “J” Chitwood has been using his performance culture process to create some of the highest-performing teams his organizations have ever known. From start-up to turnaround, these teams have broken records, established new performance norms, and operated at optimal levels of performance.

Dr. J’s method to create a performance culture has its roots in scientific management, is supported by his own research, and practiced repeatedly for decades. This method is real- world tested. Applicable to sales and customer support environments. Guaranteed to produce results. When passion for performance is part of the culture, anything is possible!

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“Jim is a hard-working, intelligent, and thoughtful leader who fits well within a culture of collaboration and performance.”

— Bob H. Strategy Advisor

Dr. Donald Moine

Dr. James Chitwood

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Phone: 630-329-4488

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drjchitwood/

"A company's greatest asset is the undeveloped potential of its people.
—Roy Chitwood

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