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Track Selling has been the foundation of my sales team’s and my consulting practices client’s success at every stop in my sales, sales management, and consulting career, which started right out of college. Later, the book World Class Selling by Roy Chitwood was and still is the resource manual to support and refresh my salespeople and my client’s teams since its first printing in 1995.

Now, the Track Selling Institute has taken the next steps to empower sales professionals with the tools needed today to stay sharp and practiced in the field of professional sales.

Early in my sales and marketing career, I was searching for a system or process to improve my ability to close sales opportunities. Roy Chitwood was booked into a sales training seminar at Portland State University near where I worked and lived. The course was over a couple of nights after work.

Roy introduced Track Selling to me. He called it a procedure. I was fascinated. He taught me about the 5 Buying Decisions every buyer makes. He also taught me about the 6 Buying Motives that move every buyer. Furthermore, he taught me about the 7 Steps of a Successful Sale and how to use them in my work as a salesman.

The next day, I’ll never forget the feeling of success I enjoyed when I used the process as I was taught. And I’ll never forget the astonishment I felt when the first time I asked the all-important closing question, “Is there any reason we shouldn’t set it up?” and the reply was, “No!!”. It WORKED just as Roy had promised.

Today, the Track Selling System continues to deliver on the promise of improved sales success.

As a trainer, I’ve taught the process to my teams. As a consultant, I’ve taught my clients' teams how to succeed by employing the proven Track Selling Process. Let me help your team, too!

Contact me to set up a discovery call. Let me ask you, “Is there any reason why we shouldn’t set it up?” I’ll be waiting for your call.

Jim Carroll

Business Valuations, Exit Planning, Business Broker

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

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"School is never out for the sales professional.

—Roy Chitwood, Developer of the Track Selling System

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