On Track Spot Fix™
Sales Coaching for Individuals

Personalized sales coaching specifically designed for individual sales professionals

We developed On Track Team Spot Fix Sales Coaching for Sales Professionals who need an immediate solution to a sales challenge or a specific client situation. This short-term (one to four week) program addresses your specific need with practical, instantly usable tools. You'll receive approaches or techniques to get a meeting, close a sale or overcome other sales obstacles.


When you need a little (selling) help from a friend!

Sometimes you just need a little boost.
A tweak in a specific area. A little push to get to the finish line.

That's the point of Ron Holm's Spot Fix Individual Coaching. This service is designed to help you address a specific area of the sales cycle that's causing you problems, getting in your way, impeding your success. In just a few hours of personalized, one-on-one coaching, you can develop a plan of action that addresses the problem that's holding you back.

Experienced salespeople develop good habits and bad habits. How do you know?

  • You're not closing as many deals as previously--your win ratio is down
  • You're not invited back after initial meetings
  • You're getting price resistance you can't overcome
  • You have great meeting after great meeting after great meeting but few sales result

The Spot Fix Individual Sales Coaching Program

  • Identify the problem using a brief written assessment as well as a personal interview to quantify the challenges that have been holding you back.
  • Then back to the basics. What's missing from your process? Where have you gone Off Track? What's changed in your selling environment causing you to be less effective?
  • Work together to develop a plan, provide answers to questions and identify tools to get you back On Track.
  • Take it to the field. Try it out. Test it on prospects and customers. Get feedback. Is it working? What's falling short? What needs to be tweaked?
  • Refine the approach and fine tune it. Then it's back to the field to use it again with renewed vigor and improved success.

Usually, that's all it takes. A "spot fix" for a specific problem that you couldn't or didn't solve yourself.

It's quick, inexpensive and effective. Using the Track Selling System often reminds you of what you already knew but forgot to apply in the right way. That's why I'm here to help.

That's Ron Holm's On Track Spot Fix Individual Sales Coaching. Sign up today and let's move toward that sales success you seek.

Spot Fix Coaching Investment

For Individual Sales Professionals

On Track Spot Fix
One-time Payment


One time payment

Designed for
individual sales professionals

Written assessment
and personal interview

Develop script, acton plan, or
other tools to address the problem

Monitor field implementation of solution

Up to three hours of
one-on-one coaching

Email support

End-of-program assessment

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