Track Selling Sales Resource Toolkit™

Sales documents used in the execution of the Seven Steps of the Successful Sale

"When selling becomes a procedure, it ceases to be a problem.
Until it becomes a procedure, it will always be a problem."

This quote, from Roy E. Chitwood, developer of the Track Selling System™, reflects the importance
of having a procedure for managing your sales process.

The documents on this page support that procedure from initial call planning to career.

The documents are included in our Complete Sales Program or can be purchased separately for $95 USD.

Sales Plan™

Plan your entire sales process

The Sales Plan documents the most basic information you need when approaching a prospect or presenting a new product or service to a customer.

This form is useful for documenting basic facts, coordinating and communicating between internal groups, and analysis.

Fill out as much information as possible before you first call and then update it as you progress through your sales process.

Professional Selling Questions™

Ask great questions, be a great listener

A good salesperson is a good listener.
A great salesperson is a great listener.

What is the key to great listening? Great questions. Ask probing questions that reflect your interest in and understanding of your prospect's business, their challenges and opportunities, and the prospect themselves, both personally and professionally.
Here is our list of examples of open-ended, feeling-finding questions.

Effective Listening Checklist™

Are you an effective listener?

What questions do you ask to create curiosity with your clients? Are you curious about the way your clients do business?

After you ask questions, are you listening?

We've developed a checklist of 8 stumbling blocks that prevent effective listening. Are you a   victim of any of these shortcomings?

Voicemail Message Guidelines

Don't waste a call. Leave a voicemail.

You — or your sales team member — call. No one answers. Your call is forwarded to voicemail. Should you give up? No!

Voicemails, short and well-crafted, can be very effective in prospecting and complement other outbound marketing and sales activities.

This document shows you how to use voicemails to: (1) build rapport, (2) convey your value proposition, (3) sell your company, (4) get your prospect to respond to a call-to-action.

Wheel of Activity™ Time
and Territory Management

Are you planning ahead and using your time effectively? 

Being wise time managers is critical for successful salespeople. Why? Because the only thing salespeople have to sell is their time.

This worksheet is a simple assessment tool we've used in our sales training workshops for decades. It's timeless.

You reflect on how to spend your time by answering the worksheet's questions. Then consider ways to improve your time management. It provides many 'aha 'moments.

Pyramid of Success™
Sales Professional Profile

What are the characteristics of a successful sales professional?

What does it take for your salespeople to succeed? Two common beliefs are that some people are born salespeople and others will never succeed in sales. Neither are true.

According to Herbert and Jeanne Greenberg in the Harvard Business Review,

“The person without sales experience — with proper training and supervision — is as likely to succeed as the experienced salesperson.”

The Track Selling System Pyramid of Success™ Sales Professional Profile inspires, assures, and helps its readers understand what it takes to be successful in sales today.