Instructor-led Virtual Sales Training Workshops

High-quality Track Selling System™ sales training delivered to your desktop!

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of our participants rated the Track Selling program as better than any other sales training they'd ever attended. 

(Pepperdine Survey)

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Unprecedented? Uncertain?

What will your sales team do in response to the current pandemic?

Most salespeople are thinking how to:

  • maximize work from home activity
  • sharpen selling skill during this downtime
  • come roaring out of the gate when corona all-clear is sounded to capture pent-up demand

Track Selling Virtual Instructor-led Sales Training Workshops will prepare you or your team with skills and capabilities to prosper online as business comes back and we all adapt to the new normal.

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Best of both worlds

As a result of our current situation, Instructor-led training is preferred for all types of training. You get step-by-step guidance, the ability to ask questions and the opportunity to work with an expert.

Online learning gives you the convenience of learning at home or the office while minimizing disruption to your daily schedule and eliminating travel costs.

Track Selling Virtual Sales Training Workshops give you the best of both worlds: instructor-led training at a location safe and convenient for you.

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Build your skills

In our Virtual Instructor-led Workshop, you will be in a small  virtual group working directly with a Track Selling Sales Training Professional.

This small group format ensures you will learn the Five Buying Decisions that prospects make before buying. We cover the Six Buying Motives that drive and motivate the buyer.

Then you will learn and apply the Seven Steps of the Track Selling System that carry sales people smoothly through each of the prospects' buying decisions in the correct order. The entire process is adapted to your products, services and sales cycle.

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