Track Selling PracticeTrack™

Instructor-led, Virtual Role-play Practice Sessions for Track Selling System  Core Skills

PracticeTrack is the ideal complement to Track Selling LearnTrack™, our online, on-demand, self-paced Track Selling System™ Core Skills curriculum.

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Why Practice?

Perfect practice of the Track Selling System is based on three principles: LEARN, PRACTICE, and REINFORCE.

Learn the

Track Selling System

It’s the what-to-do and how-to-do it of selling. It’s the foundation for serving your clients, increasing your sales, and advancing your career.




Track Selling in-person workshop

Practice the

Track Selling System 

No professional in any field became skillful by simply sitting in a classroom and learning theory. They practice the skills learned in the field, sometimes for years. Sales professionals have a commitment to their calling and seek continual improvement.  


Zoom breakout room

Reinforce the

Track Selling System 

Many professions require continuing education to maintain and build their skill set as well as retain their certification or licensing. If you’re learning, you’re growing. School is never out for the sales professional.



One-on-one coaching

What is role-playing?

Role-playing means engaging in a simulated selling scenario where you use the skills you’ve learned throughout the Track Selling course.

Typically, Track Selling sales role-play scenarios consist of a team of three people working together. Each member of the trio is assigned a rotating role:

The Salesperson

The Salesperson

A person who sells their product or service using the Track Dialogue™

The Prospect

The Prospect

A potential buyer of the product or service the salesperson is selling

The Observer

The Observer

A person not involved in the selling scenario, providing feedback to the salesperson after the role play

A role-play scenario can revolve around selling a generic product or service - or preferably - based on a product or service that you actually sell. The more realistic and personal the scenario, the better the reinforcing experience. 

How does the role-play work?

Track Selling PracticeTrack consists of three live, interactive, instructor-led virtual (Zoom) role-play sessions.

Role-play Sessions A & B

(each 90 minutes) are structured as follows:

  1. The instructor introduces the role-play setting and the steps to be practiced.
  2. The workshop attendees are divided into three-person groups and assigned a Zoom breakout room. Each person in the trio takes a turn playing the role of a salesperson, a prospect, and an observer. This is repeated several times so everyone in the group learns from each other.
  3. All workshop attendees come back together for a debrief session.
  4. After the debrief, participants repeat the role-play sessions (item 2 above) using the experience gained from the first role-play and the debrief session.
  5. All workshop attendees come back together for a recap and discussion of participants’ most important ideas learned.

Role-play Session C 

(90 minutes) covers all Seven Steps of the Track Selling System.

  1. The instructor facilitates an interactive introduction that includes closing and objection-handling.
  2. The workshop attendees are divided into three-person groups and assigned to a Zoom breakout room with each person taking their turn playing the role of a salesperson, a prospect, or an observer. Each member tests their skills in a 15-minute presentation, covering all seven steps of the Track Selling System.
  3. All workshop attendees come back together for a short recap and discussion of participants’ most important ideas learned.

What people are saying about the Track Selling System

“I don’t know of a salesperson who likes to role-play. However, the Track Selling role-play sessions I’ve participated in are the best for actually learning a sales skill. I actually enjoyed role-play and what I learned from it.

Try it. You just might like it.”

- William K. 

“During my role-play, I practiced the Seven Steps using the scenario of an actual client I was trying to close. During the role-play sessions, I got significantly better each time I practiced. When I went back to my client after Track Selling Training, I got my prospect to sign the agreement in my first meeting.

- Sally M. 

“Ron always asks for your most important idea at the end of a training session. I’ll never forget the words of Roy Chitwood, as repeated by Ron, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” I’ve now built perfect practice into a weekly habit that has helped me increase revenue by 46% over last year.” 

- Deshaun W.

Interested in Practicing Your Sales Skills?

While you're taking or after you take LearnTrack,
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