2020 Tip of the Week BONUS Videos

These brief videos - two to five minutes each - provide visual insights and perspectives on each week's Tip of the Week theme.

The video for the current week is top-of-list and the previous weeks are listed below in reverse chronological order (most recent first.) Enjoy!

Our Latest BONUS Video


Tip # 50 What will it do for me? 

Imagine your prospect wearing an invisible sign on their forehead which reads, "What will it do for me?" Sell to the sign. Focus on benefits, not features. 

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Tip # 49: Plan your virtual 2021 Sales Kick Off (SKO)

Our friend and Track Selling mentor Roy Chitwood was a master at organizing and presenting annual Sales Kick-off Meetings. Learn how he did it.  

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Tip # 48: Reward yourself

When you accomplish a goal, reward yourself in a meaningful way. The result? You'll feel more buoyant, resilient and engaged.


Tip # 47: Be thankful

It's better to count our blessings than recount our problems. This Thanksgiving week - despite the problems due to COVID-19 - let's be thankful.

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Tip # 46: Track Selling in your personal life

Track Selling is a universal communication model you can use at home, as well as at work. Here are close-to-home examples.

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Tip # 45: Customer testimonials

What's worth their weight in gold? Testimonials from happy, satisfied customers. Here's how to request and gather them.
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