2021 Tip of the Week BONUS Videos

These brief videos - two to five minutes each - provide visual insights and perspectives on each week's Tip of the Week theme.

The video for the current week is top-of-list and the previous weeks are listed below in reverse chronological order (most recent first.) Enjoy!

Our Latest BONUS Video

Tip #11: Seven Steps Circle Back

Over the past two months, we've supplied a supplemental video for each Tip of the Week newsletter covering the Seven Steps of Track Selling.

This week, we recap these videos and share with you a few more tidbits for successful selling. Please enjoy.

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Previous Tip of the Week BONUS Videos


Tip #10: Step 7 - Cement the Sale

After you make the sale, you need to keep it sold. Make sure your customer doesn't experience Buyer's Remorse. Show your appreciation.

Keep your customer a prospect for the next sales opportunity and create a life-long customer.


Tip # 9: Step 6a - Objection Handling

Few sales happen without objections. Learning how to overcome your prospect's objections is key to winning sales.

What do you do when your prospect has a case of the FUDs: Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts?



Tip # 8: Step 6 - The Act of Commitment

In Step 6, Act of Commitment, you ask for the sale.

For most salespeople, closing the sale is difficult and the most disliked part of selling. The Track Selling System teaches you a simple, direct approach to closing the sale.


Tip # 7: Step 5 - Fill the Need

In Step 5: Fill the Need, you focus on what your product or service will do for the prospect: its benefits. Use the Feature-Benefit-Reaction sequence to ensure your prospect understands the benefits.



Tip # 6: Step 4 - Sell The Company

In Step 4: Sell the Company, you show and tell your prospect why yours is a great company to buy from and partner with. Doing so addresses your prospects' second buying decision, which is your company.  

Tip # 5: Step 3 - Agreement on Need

In Step 3: Agreement on Need, you summarize the information you discovered in Step 1: Approach and Step 2: Qualification. Identify and verbalize at least three of your prospects needs.



Tip # 4: Step 2 - Qualification

Step 2: Qualification encourages you to ask the right questions in the right way. Properly qualifying prospects sets up rest of the process. Determine need, authority, and budget before your proceed to the next step: Agreement on Need. 


Tip # 3: Step 1 - Approach

Your objective in Step 1: Approach is to create trust and rapport. If you skip this step, you reduce the likelihood of making the sale.



Tip # 2: The Track Selling System begins its 63rd year in a new world. Welcome aboard!

The Seven Steps of the Successful Sale are the foundation of the Track Selling System. We begin 2021 with an overview of the seven steps. During each of the next seven weeks, we'll cover each step in the sales process.  


Tip # 1: For many years, Sale Playbooks coached face-to-face selling. Times change.

As we begin 2021, consider the pandemic's continuing and disruptive impact to how you sell. How might you adapt this year to the new reality? Here are some adjustments that you can build into a sales playbook.


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