Track Selling Playbook™

A Track Selling Playbook is a step-by-step guide for the Track Selling System™ customized to your industry, products and customers.

Why do I need a Track Selling Playbook?

We forget. We get lazy. We take shortcuts. We're human.

Although the Track Selling System is one of the easiest, most logical selling systems in the world, if you don't use it every day you can get rusty, skip key steps, or overlook the obvious.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a guide—a coach—someone who could help you prepare for sales calls, react deftly with a stubborn objection or debrief after a successful (or unsuccessful) sales call?

A Track Selling Playbook supports your ongoing learning.

It steers you through each step of the Seven Step Sales Process and provides you specific examples based on the best practices of your sales team and thousands of your peers.

You'll get step-by-step instructions on how to use the Five Buying Decisions and the Six Buying Motives to move your sales process to a successful conclusion.That's why you need a Track Selling Playbook.


What is a Track Selling Playbook?

A Track Selling Playbook is a step-by-step guide designed to help salespeople and sales managers build their sales strategy, ask penetrating questions and handle objections in real-life sales situations.

Based on the Five Buying Decisions, the Six Buying Motives and the Seven Steps of the Successful Sale from the Track Selling System™, this guide improves sales efficiency, increases sales effectiveness, and accelerates sales cycles.

The Playbook is customized to your business, your industry, your customers and your language so you can use it immediately.

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What's in a Track Selling Playbook

A Playbook consists of three major sections: Sales Strategy, Sales Execution and Sales Stories. Here's what you will find throughout this step-by-step guide.

  • A blueprint for the strategic aspects of your sales cycle, which will help you and your sales team advance from initial contact through to close
  • Techniques to develop a fuller, more robust prospect pipeline
  • Best practices for gaining appointments, qualifying prospects and selling your story
  • Ways to build rapport with your prospects and customers
  • Compelling qualification questions designed for deeper, more meaningful conversations with prospects and an accurate understanding of their needs, wants and desires.
  • Tools that generate appealing solutions and proposals with a higher likelihood of closing
  • Field-tested closing techniques and how to overcome objections
  • On-boarding recommendations on quicker ramp-up for new hires

Let's build a Track Selling
Playbook for you!

A Track Selling Playbook will give you a clear competitive advantage by having a step-by-step guide to handle your most common sales situations with ease and sophistication. You can use it to prepare for phone calls, client meetings, group presentations, proposals reviews or contract negotiations. Available online or in printed form, the Playbook will become an indispensable aid for improving sales effectiveness at all stages in the sales cycle while increasing the number of deals in your pipeline and more quickly closing deals.

If you'd like, you can also email me directly at [email protected].

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"Ron, we enjoyed co-creating our Track Selling Playbook with you. Our sales team now has a roadmap to guide their sales efforts from initial contract to signed contract. Sales are up and the future is bright."

Pete Wisowaty
Vice President of Sales, Akamai Technologies

"Our Car-O-Liner Playbook connects our products and services features to how those things benefit clients. Before having the Playbook, our sales team didn’t make those connections, now they do."

Doug Bortz
Director, Marketing and Advertising, Car-O-Liner (a Snap-on Tools company)

"Our sales team enjoyed the workshop but we needed a reinforcement tool. The Playbook fills that gap for us and is a game-changer."

Kris Tufto
Chief Revenue Officer, Netgain Technology LLC

"Ron, our sales and marketing teams loved working with you to create a Track Selling Playbook. We were able to merge what the sales team needed with what the marketing team could provide. In other words, we’re now able to connect the dots between marketing and sales. Our distribution channel is benefiting from the Playbook, we’re glad we invested in it."

Bill B.
VP Sales

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