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Tip #45 "Prospects love your so-called "un-solicited" testimonials

What's a great sales and marketing strategy for your business? Having happy, satisfied customers that will provide testimonials.

Especially testimonials from executives of large, name-plate companies in the same or similar industry as your prospect.

Having large customers implies that you were vetted by the best and that you passed their test. Testimonials assure prospects that your company is proven, reliable, and a good partner. It makes easier for prospects to "buy" into your company. Testimonials are social proof of peer approval.

When in the seven-step sales process of Track Selling would you show and tell testimonials? During Step 4: Sell the Company. 

Or in the interest of keeping it brief, you can post testimonials on your website and provide a link for prospects to read and realize that yours is a great company.   

When Roy Chitwood, developer of Track Selling, wrote his book, World Class Selling, the first 21 pages are ALL testimonials from 113 contributors. Testimonials were provided by executives at IBM, Coca-Cola, SMEI, Ecolab, Dun & Bradstreet, Genie Industries/Terex, and many more.  

Upon opening the front cover, any reader of Roy's book is immediately aware that Track Selling has been used and vetted by - and benefitted - some of the largest, most successful companies in the world. 

How did Roy get most of those testimonials from happy, satisfied clients? He asked for them. So can you.

Roy passed away in 2016. The Track Selling testimonials he requested are timeless and an important part of his legacy.

Good luck and good selling!

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Professional Application

Each day this week, identify a customer that enjoys working with you and vice-versa. Call or send an email requesting a brief, single-paragraph testimonial. 

Then add testimonials to a PowerPoint deck, website or marketing collateral. 

Notice the new energy that comes into your presentations during Step 4: Sell the Company.

When selling becomes a procedure, it ceases to be a problem. If it's not a procedure, it will always be a problem." Roy E. Chitwood, developer of the Track Selling System


Monday: _______________________________________________________


Tuesday: ______________________________________________________




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Friday: _________________________________________________________ 


Personal Application

KIS-MIF means Keep it Simple and Make it Fun. It's our motto for sales training and for life.

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