Track Selling Video Micro-Lessons

Summary of All Videos

Track Selling Video Micro-Lessons: Core Skills

Videos for each of the Seven Steps of the Successful Sale

The Track Selling System describes the sequence of steps that lead to successful selling. Each step contributes to the Core Skills process of the methodology.
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Build trust and rapport
with your prospect.


Ask great questions,
be a great listener.


Confirm you understand
their needs.


Tell your company story
with visuals.


Tell features,
sell benefits.


Handle objections,
close the sale.


Reassure your client, schedule next steps.


Track Selling Video Micro-Lessons: Bonus Videos

Additional videos supporting the Track Selling System

This section contains additional videos you might find useful.
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Understand each of the Seven Steps
of the Track Selling System


Handle objections and
learn to close three times


Master Track Selling and
prove it with your certificate


Reinforce your understanding with
this short Track Selling review