Trade Show Selling Success™ Seminars

This four-hour seminar, is designed to be held 24 hours prior to your tradeshow, specifically for your booth staff. This course will ensure your team is ready to walk onto the show floor, confident and prepared to successfully represent your company.

Trade Show Selling Success Seminar Locations

Trade Show Selling Success Seminars are delivered in conjunction with major convention centers and World Trade Center locations. Here is a roster of current locations. More coming soon!

A proud recipient of the U.S. President’s “E” Certificate Award for excellence in the delivery of export services, World Trade Center Miami (WTCM) is a powerful driver for business growth and economic prosperity.

WTC Miami Tradeshow Seminars

Continuously ranked as Cvent’s No. 1 meeting destination in the country, Orlando, Florida, offers a world of possibilities for one-of-a-kind meetings, conventions and events that your attendees will always remember.

OCCC Tradeshow Seminars

Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the WTC Taipei is the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, 

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Trade Show Selling Success Seminars

Your organization has a huge investment in your trade show: booth space, booth, furniture and fixtures, literature, giveaways, AV equipment as well as travel-hotel-entertainment expenses for your staff. And that's just a partial list.

How can you ensure that you will get an ROI from this investment?
Will you get leads that will become significant revenue-generating deals?
Is your booth staff going to be recognized for its knowledge and professionalism?
Are you going to threaten the competition because of your well-executed performance?

Your trade show success results from the work of dozens or even hundreds of people. But your booth staff are the last mile in the success of this event.

Are they prepared?
Do they know what to say and whom to say it to?
Do they understand booth etiquette?
Do they know they are selling themselves and the company as much as the product or service you offer?

Interested in a customized or private TSSS Seminar for your business or location?

Optimize Your Tradeshow Success.

Increase the success of your trade show by having a dedicated session for your team. Incorporate your branding and trade show themes into your training.

Based on the world-class Track Selling System, this high-impact seminar uses the proven selling process with over 60 years of success based on the science and psychology of how and why people buy.

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