Track Selling MicroTrack™

Video Micro-Lessons Refresher Course for Track Selling Skill-building

Track Selling MicroTrack is a series of nine lessons designed to refresh and expand your skills and knowledge of the Track Selling System™. Each lesson consists of one or two short videos accompanied by a participant worksheet to maximize the learning experience.


The Track Selling MicroTrack™ Video Micro-lessons repeat and reinforce the content you learned in our in-person or virtual workshops or in our Track Selling LearnTrack™ Online, Self-paced curriculum. MicroTrack is a component of our space learning approach to building Track Selling sales skills and knowledge.

This set of nine lessons is included in the Track Selling Sales Skill-buiding Bundle or can be purchased separately.

Track Selling MicroTrack™: Introduction to Track Selling

Video introduction to the Track Selling System™: A Sample Lesson

By clicking on the image below, you'll access videos covering two basic concepts of the Track Selling System:
The Five Buying Decisions and the Seven Steps of the Successful Sale. This lesson will give you a preview of the other ten videos shown below.

Understand each of the Seven Steps
of the Track Selling System


Track Selling MicroTrack™: Core Skills

Videos for each of the Seven Steps of the Successful Sale

The Track Selling System describes the sequence of steps that lead to successful selling. Each step contributes to the Core Skills process of the methodology.

Build trust and rapport
with your prospect.


Ask great questions,
be a great listener.


Confirm you understand
their needs.


Tell your company story
with visuals.


Tell features,
sell benefits.


Ask for the order,
close the sale.


Handle objections,
close the sale.


Thank and assure your client, schedule next steps.