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Today we honor our military members who made the ultimate sacrifice for America's freedom

Many Americans have close relatives or ancestors who served in the US military. Today is America's Solemn Holiday. Today we honor our war dead with a day of mourning.

In our family, my dad served as a Navy Seabee in Okinawa during World War II. At the same time, my uncle Clarence was an Army Ranger fighting for the liberation of Europe. Clarence was wounded in 1943, went to England to recover, and a day after he returned to the front lines, was killed in the Battle of the Bulge.

Since 1775, more than 600,000 fallen troops made the ultimate sacrifice - their lives - in defense of America's freedom. Today we appreciate - and honor - their sacrifice that we might enjoy freedom. Savor their gift to you. It comes at a dear cost. 




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