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Every effort we make to change—no matter how tiny it seems—can make a big difference in our sales careers 

In Track Selling, we believe that ENERGY means developing your capacity by getting a little better every day. Even one percent better a day adds up. Early in the year is good timing to seek ways to become better.

Michael A. Dunn of Dunn Communications posed a question, "What if our approach this month was to narrow our focus—even as we broadened it? Instead of trying to perfect everything, what if we tackled just one thing?" 

What's "one thing" you'd like to improve in your selling skills?

  • Prospecting? 
  • Networking?
  • Selling virtually?

Could aggregating small but steady marginal gains in our lives finally be the way to overcome even the most pesky personal shortcomings? Can this bite-sized approach to tackling our blemishes really work?

Acclaimed author James Clear says this strategy puts the math squarely in our favor. He maintains that “habits are the ‘compound interest of self-improvement.’ If you can get just one percent better at something each day, by the end of a year … you will be 37 times better.”

Sales professionals form the habit of doing the things necessary, even though they may include things that they dislike doing, or that they're not good at. It just takes one percent a day. That's ENERGY.

Good luck and good selling.

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