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How's your selling GRIT as you begin 2024? 

A delightful exercise to begin 2024 is to select books you'll read this year, either individually or as a sales team. We recommend sales professionals read Grit, written by Angela Duckworth, Ph.D.

Why? Because during the COVID years - and even now - many salesperson resolves and attitudes about their work were cratered and have not recovered. In her book, Dr. Duckworth observes that it's the characteristics of 1) passion for what you do, and 2) perseverance to continue in the face of adversity, that help salespeople regain successful habits. She calls the combination Grit.

We agree. Last week our Track Selling Institute held its second annual Sales Kick-off. We asked each of our Affiliates, "What was the most important principle you learned in 2023." Of paramount importance was believing in the Track Selling solutions they sell and a persevering nature to hang tough. 

How do you increase your passion about what you sell? Be interested enough to learn more about your company and how your products and services help customers. Recall your past successes. Then add perseverance; a willingness to continue when you want to quit and go home.

Passion and perseverance will again differentiate successful sales professionals in 2024. May you be among their number.

We wish you well in your GRIT mastery for 2024.

Good luck, good selling, and be gritty.   

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