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DialogueTrack can soon brighten your sales future

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Hollywood knows the importance of sneak previews. Polished trailers for upcoming blockbuster movies evoke viewer emotions - empathy, fear, romance, loathing, suspense - and every emotion in between. Hollywood's visual attention-grabbing science now includes artificial intelligence.

Closer to home, it's rare for a new sales training software solution to follow Hollywood's sneak preview approach. We can't match their production experience, budget, or moxie. But we can try with our brand of AI.

So, what can a short sneak preview video for Track Selling DialogueTrack — powered by AI — do to prompt your interest?

Your interest level depends if you plan to use AI beyond lead gen. In other words, your interest in DialogueTrack will be high if you foresee AI assisting sales team members through the entire sales process, combinng Track Selling and AI for each of the seven steps. 

In our sneak preview, we don't have Tom Cruise with F-18's coming to a silver screen, but there's an impressive Track Selling AI solution coming your way. Buckle up, put on your helmet, drop the canopy, and enjoy the DialogueTrack sneak preview. The real deal is coming.

The AI portion of the video begins at 2:09.

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