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Your sales planning changes when you include AI.

Welcome to a topic that will dominate sales planning discussions for months to come. Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine the impact AI and Chat bots could have on your planning/execution for each step in the Track Selling process. Welcome to Track Selling AI. 

 Here are a few intro hints and teasers...

Step 1 - Approach

Electronicallly scan your prospect's LinkedIn profile and have a bot suggest good rapport-building discussion topics that intersect with your profile, such as where they live, went to school, previous employers, groups, posts, etc. The bot can also remind the salesperson in the Approach step to be interested and friendly, and seven ways to improve their people skills. 

Step 2 - Qualification

Query a bot to create great open-ended, fact-finding and open-ended feeling questions for businesses in the prospect's industry. If desired, further refine questions by identifying your prospect's title. If desired, refine questions even more by juxtaposing your company's unique capabilities so that your questions lead prospects to realize your competitive strengths.    

Step 3 - Agreement on Need

Depends on prospect's answers to your questions in Approach and Qualification. Provide a verbal summary of what you believe are their 3 biggest needs, wants, and desires. Mention what they could enjoy if those needs are resolved. 


At this point, suggest to your prospect that you'd like to take time to digest what you learned. Set a date for a next meeting.

Back at your office, enter the Agreement on Need and other important details into a bot to compare their needs with your in-house database of strengths and capabilities. The bot recommends what to show and tell in Sell the Company and Fill the Need. You can further adapt if needed.

Step 4 - Sell the Company

Depends on prospect's expectations of your company as you learned in Approach and Qualification. A bot can suggest specifics to explain and display. A bot can also encourage the sales person's attitude at this point to shift from interested and friendly to enthusiastic and competent.  

Step 5 - Fill the Need

It depends on prospect's answers to your questions in Approach and Qualification. Have a bot compare the prospect's biggest needs with your set of features and benefits. Choose the top 3 solutions to present. A chat bot can suggest vivid word pictures to make the benefits even more appealing to this particular prospect.

Step 6 - Act of Commitment

Anticipate possible objections and have a bot suggest ways to overcome the objections using Track Selling's Partnership Agreement language.

Step 7 - Cement the Sale

Thank them for their purchase, assure them that buying from you is a wise business decision, and schedule next steps.


If you're integrating AI for your sales team and are familiar with Track Selling language to go from step to step, direct your chat bot to include the language. If you're not familiar with Track Selling constructs, you can request more details from the info@ address below. Ask and you shall receive.

For more insight into Track Selling AI, email [email protected]

Good luck and good selling.

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