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What inspires you as 2024 begins? 

A meaningful exercise is to select - or create - inspiring thoughts that console, edify, and inspire you in difficult times. 

Many years ago as a young missionary in Uruguay, a leader toured our mission and invited us to copy some thoughts that were helpful to him.

Here are a few that I still treasure decades later.

Begin your cause with interest and enthusiasm; experience and success will follow.

Don't get down on what you're not up on; remain enthused and committed to learn more.

Great people have four things in common: they speak softly, have the capacity for hard work, a deep conviction for their cause, and a consuming belief in their ability to do it. 

Recently our colleague Jason Kleid added, "Wherever you are, be there!"

Our friend and mentor Roy Chitwood included his Keys to Success during Track Selling workshops. Here they are.


The Value of Time 

 The Success of Perseverance 

 The Pleasure of Working 

 The Dignity of Simplicity 

The Worth of Character 

 The Influence of Example 

The Obligation of Duty 

 The Wisdom of Economy 

The Virtue of Patience 

 The Improvement of Talent 

 The Joy of Originating 

 The Power of Kindness 

We wish you well with GREAT THOUGHTS in 2024.

Good luck, good selling, and good thinking.    

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