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An AI Personal Assistant can brighten your sales future

A Track Selling client recently confided that his company was uncertain if their sales team would use artificial intelligence in their sales process. Nor did he have interest to explore the topic.


We assured him that his team would soon encounter competition armed with AI skills. His sales reps are at risk of being at a competitive disadvantage.

If this seems familiar to your situation, you have company. Many sales leaders are on the horns of a dilemma. Learn how AI can help them or not? Use AI or not? If yes, do they use AI just for lead-gen, or for sales calls too?

In Q4, we can appreciate that you have too many things going on between now and year-end to implement artificial intelligence. However, we encourage you to consider it as a priority for your Sales Kickoff (SKO) in January. Plan ahead to introduce what artificial intelligence can do for you and your sales team in 2024.

If you're not yet interested in AI apps for your sales team, please summon enough interest in your future to consider how artificial intelligence - as a personal assistant - can help plan step-by-step sales calls. If not for your personal reasons, then do it for the rising generation of sales professionals. They will expect - even demand - AI integration.

Click here to see our new home page and view a three-minute video that introduces Track Selling Momentum with DialogueTrack and AI.

The AI segment begins at 2:12.

Good luck and good selling. 

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