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Cement the Sale assures your prospect they made a wise business decision

This Tip concludes a case study that illustrates the power of combining Artificial Intelligence and Track Selling. We call it DialogueTrack.  

The seventh and final Track Selling step is called Cement the Sale. After a sale is made, you can do these 3 things to prevent buyer's remorse.

  • Thank your new customer for their purchase
  • Assure them they made a wise business decision
  • Schedule next steps - and if possible - begin a new cycle of business.

1. Appreciation is always appreciated. Your expression of gratitude for their purchase will "wear well" in the mind and heart of your new client.

 2. Tell a story. Recount a previous client engagement with results similar to those your new customer hopes to experience with you. People love stories. It reassures them that their decision to buy from you was a wise move. If your version of DialogueTrack ingested a similar success story, recount it now.

 3. Preview what happens next. You might introduce project-team members, schedule a first delivery or project launch date, etc. Before your tail lights disappear from their parking lot, assure new customers that fulfillment wheels are in motion.

Cement the Sale is comforting and professional. 

Good luck and good selling. 

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