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SalesIntelTrack recommends vendor-expectation questions

We continue our Case Study to illustrate the power of combining Artificial Intelligence and Track Selling. We call it SalesIntelTrack (Sales Intelligence Track). 

Last week we provided questions to ask in Step  2 - Qualification. Imagine you sell sales training solutions to Ken, a newly hired CEO of ABC company, a Minnesota call- center software developer. 

In today's Tip, we provide qualification questions regarding Ken's expectations in a vendor relationship.

Why ask these questions? To excel when we talk about our company in Step 4 - Sell the Company. We want to be spot-on with Ken's expectations of our company.

These questions emerged from a database of our company strengths - the Track Selling Institute - as a provider of sales training solutions matched with likely interests that Ken would have as a software company CEO.


  • What qualities do you look for in identifying the right training vendors or partners to work with? 
  • How do you assess whether a vendor will be the right strategic and cultural fit during the evaluation process?
  • What sales training criteria matter most to you when evaluating a sales training partner relationship? 
  • When initially vetting a potential new vendor, what are some “red flags” for you? When might you walk away from a partnership?
  • What does it take for a vendor to earn more of your business and expand the relationship over time?
  • Could you share an example of a vendor partnership that didn’t work out as expected and why? What was missing?
  • How do you determine when to reevaluate or end an under-performing vendor relationship?

The goal would be to get insights into the partnership qualities, strategic fit, culture, trust, communication, customer service, transparency, etc., that Ken values most when engaging vendors and partners.

Please note that these questions are open-ended and feeling finding. They are the types of questions recommended for Step Two - Qualification as created by SalesIntelTrack.

We're not suggesting you ask all of them. We suggest that you would cherry-pick some of your favorites and go with those.

We're also not saying that you could not have come up with qualification questions as good as these. We are saying that most sales people could not. 

Next week's Tip will provide a likely Step 3 - Agreement on Need statement and how SalesIntelTrack proceeds from there. Yes, it keeps getting better.


If you're integrating AI for your sales team and are familiar with the Track Selling process to advance from step to step, direct your chat bot to include Track Selling's language, transitions, step sequencing, objection-handling, etc. If you're not familiar with Track Selling constructs and desire more insights, you can request it from the info@ address below. Ask and you shall receive.

For more insight into SalesIntelTrack, email [email protected].  

Good luck and good selling. 

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