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Sales results are cyclical. Don't be lulled by current success and unprepared for future reversal.

Three large clients recently informed us that because their companies are setting new sales records, they believe they no longer have time - or need - for sales training. We can all appreciate savoring success during a season of positive results. Some sales success today comes from pent-up demand after the pandemic. 

We urge caution for those that believe they're as good as they can be, or as good as they will need to be when the economy falters.

There is continuing need to improve selling skills. Why? Your competition is sharpening their sales skills and trying to "unsell" you. There are also ominous world conditions of war, market and currency volatility, national civil unrest, and political contention as an election cycle approaches.

In the summer of 2023, our Track Selling Affiliate Dr. Donald Moine compares sales training to profit insurance. Don says "If you want to continue today's sales success, insure it with sales training." Wise advice. 

"If you're green, you're growing and if you're ripe, you're rotting." In other words, when you're done growing, you're done. Let's grow together.   

Good luck and good selling.

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