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Track Selling Institute Momentum

Retain imperiled customers

Ask the right questions to retain clients. 

 With more meaningful data availability, advanced metrics of hits and misses, and social media sources, it's likely that your best, most profitable customers are current or future targets of your competition.

Consider the expression: "Someone is always trying to unsell you."

Your main "unsellers" are competitors. They want to dislodge - and replace - you as provider of choice to primo-profitable accounts. The # 1 reason why customers switch vendors is perceived indifference of the incumbent. 

Your response? Add a Retain Strategy to your Track Selling Momentum. We suggest you prepare questions that review logical AND emotional reasons for clients to remain loyal to you. A retain strategy reminds them they're in good hands with you when competitors come calling.

During Step 2 - Qualification, ask about their perception of the value and benefits you provide. Mention new products or services that may interest them. Let them know when you offer new customer programs, initiatives or incentives. 

All this adds up to nurturing the customer connection. Current clients become prospects for future sales. A customer retention strategy can be conducted by customer service personnel. A retain strategy keeps competition at bay and makes it more difficult to dislodge you. If you'd like a list of sample retain questions, they're available on request.

Contact us at [email protected]. Ask and you shall receive. We're here to be of service.

Good luck and good selling.

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