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December is good timing to prep for a January Sales Kick-off

For many years, our friend and mentor Roy Chitwood gathered track selling distributors in early January for a two-day Sales Kick-off Meeting (SKO). It helped us jump from the old year to the new. Out with the old, in with the new. 

We met off-site to avoid office distractions. Roy sent us agendas in December.

We were asked to bring feedback on the previous year, ideas for the upcoming year, and presentations on selected topics.

We broke into small group discussions, role plays, and then reported back to the entire group. We trained one another. Everyone was involved in Roy's professional way of leading Track Selling System SKOs. 

Roy began by asking the following questions:

Regarding the previous year...

  • What was the most important principle you learned? 
  • What was your greatest personal or professional success? 
  • If you could change one thing about last year, what would it be? 

Regarding the upcoming year...

  • What most excites and motivates you about the new year? 
  • What will you do more of this year, as well as less of?
  • What are your personal and professional goals?
  • How can I help you accomplish your goals?
  • When you accomplish your goals, how will you reward yourself?

Roy scheduled the first morning to discuss those questions. Those present - all consummate professionals - were invited to verbally respond to each question. For many of us, the first morning was the highlight of the two-day gathering as we shared, learned, and grew together. For Roy, it was Track Selling Steps 1 and 2: Approach and Qualification. 

All SKO sessions ended by Roy's asking each of us, "What was your most important idea today?" 

Roy's project manager took notes and distributed them soon thereafter. The minutes gave us touchstones and training points throughout the year. It provided insight, cameraderie, and tradition. It began each year with success. 

Now it's your turn.

We encourage you to plan a 2024 SKO with your colleagues, virtually or in-person. Consider Roy's ideas above and the exercises listed below. You'll be glad you did as your sales team bonds together. They'll feel more understood. They'll feel empathy and appreciation for one another. It will be a positive beginning to a new year.  

Good luck and good selling!

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Professional Application

Begin planning your 2024 Sales Kick-Off. Work on it each day this week.

Monday: Determine an itinerary and length of your SKO

Tuesday: Prepare and send a list of topics to all that will participate 

Wednesday: Decide who will do what and make the assignments

Thursday: Prepare the presentations assigned to you

Friday: Finalize details for physical arrangements and logistics

Remember: School is never out for the sales professional.

"When selling becomes a procedure, it ceases to be a problem. If it's not a procedure, it will always be a problem."  Roy E. Chitwood, developer of the Track Selling System


Monday: _______________________________________________________


Tuesday: ______________________________________________________




Thursday: ______________________________________________________


Friday: _________________________________________________________  


KIS-MIF means Keep it Simple and Make it Fun. It's our motto for sales training and life.

Track Selling Institute

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