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In today's age of high-tech, there's never been a greater need for high-touch.

Consider these scenarios: 

  • A patient meets with a doctor about a health concern
  • A client meets with a lawyer about a legal matter
  • A prospect meets with a sales person about a business problem

What's the common thread? 

Patients, clients, and prospects prefer to connect with someone who's really interested and caring.

Sincere interest and caring are traits that can't be faked. People are either true or false to connections in their professional and personal lives.

Prospects have a sixth sense that detect if salespeople are genuine in their interest. Yes, being interested is the real deal.

Here's a simple suggestion: before your next sales call, tell yourself, "I'm going to be interested and of service to this person."

It's amazing the difference a caring and interested attitude makes.  

Good luck and good selling.

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