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Analyze this humorous advice 

Mark Twain's Advice to Salespeople about Closing the Sale 

The famous humorist went to church one Sunday and heard a missionary talk. In his report of the address, he lays convincing emphasis on the importance of knowing when to stop.

"He was the most eloquent orator I ever listened to," writes Mark Twain. "He painted the benighted condition of the heathen so clearly that my deepest passion was aroused. I resolved to break a lifelong habit and contribute a dollar to teach the gospel to my benighted brethren. As the speaker proceeded I decided to make it five dollars, and then ten. Finally I knew it to be my duty to give to the cause all the cash I had with me -- twenty dollars.” 

 "The pleading of the orator wrought upon me still further and I decided not only to give all the cash I had with me, but to borrow twenty dollars from my friend who sat at my side.

That was the time to take up the collection. However, the speaker proceeded, and I finally dropped to sleep. When the usher awoke me with the collection plate, I not only refused to contribute, but am ashamed to state that I actually stole fifteen cents." 

Good luck and good selling.

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