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Learn - Practice - Reinforce

The beginning of a new year is ideal timing to consider how you can improve your selling skills for 2023's challenges and opportunities.  

For decades, the only available sales training format was in-person classroom training.

With the 2020 arrival of COVID, increased access was offered through live zoom workshops.

In 2022, we introduced self-paced, independent, on-line study. We call it Track Selling LearnTrack

Regardless of your learning preference, here are 6 Buying Motives for self-paced, on-line Track Selling training.

1. Desire for Gain ($): You learn a sales methodology that has been field-tested and proven effective for 60+ years.

2. Fear of Loss ($): You make a fraction of the investment compared to live training. LearnTrack is ideal for on-boarding new hires.

3. Comfort and Convenience: You can begin and end lessons anytime, anywhere.

4. Security and Protection: You can review principles again and again until you master them.

5. Pride of Ownership: You learn Track Selling, a sales process that has been adopted by industry leaders and trained more than 250,000 sales professionals.

6. Satisfaction of Emotion: You feel more confident and prepared for any selling situation with LearnTrack certification. 

If you'd like a free sample of Track Selling LearnTrack, it's just a click away. 

Click here to enter the Track Selling world of self-paced, independent sales training.

Good luck, good selling, and good selling skill-building. 

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