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For salespeople, daunting objections are cringeworthy. Instead of cringing, use objections to fine-tune your seven-step sales process.

One of the virtues of Track Selling is that the process enables your prospect to tell you what they want you to tell them to sell them.

The same is true in the loss column. There are typically overlooked hints during qualification that indicate what the likely objections (FUDs) will be.

For example, if you sense that price could be an objection, emphasize the value you provide as you go through Step 4 - Sell the Company, and Step 5 - Fill the Need.

Why? Because people don't buy price, they buy value.

If you sense that your prospect may be in the unsure zone and unwilling to make a purchase commitment, as you go through the steps preceding the Act of Commitment, sprinkle is evidences/stories why buying sooner than later is in their best interest.

Bottom line: Think through the process, act to take the cringe out of objections, and thrive. You will diffuse most objections before they are voiced, and increase your sales win-ratio in the process. 

 Good luck and good selling.

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