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Prospects will tell you if you ask the right questions

In a recent sales training class, this question was asked, "What's the secret of Track Selling as a sales process that has made it so effective for 60 years?"

Our answer was a tongue-twister. "Track Selling enables your prospects to tell you what they want you to tell them to sell them."

That maxim is in italics to emphasize the paramount importance to:

  • Build rapport during the Approach Step so your prospects speak freely in response to your questions.
  • Ask vital questions in Step 2: Qualification to later guide your presentations, fill their biggest needs, solve their biggest problems, and stir them to buy.

Leonardo da Vinci said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." 

Can complexity be taken out of selling so that sales are simpler?


Begin with rapport, then ask great questions. Your prospects will prompt you from there. Track Selling is a proven process that has worked for 60 years.

KIS-MIF. We're glad you're with us. 

 Good luck and good selling.

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