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Here are DialogueTrack sources

We recently released a video on our home page that includes the artificial intelligence graphic above. We've been asked to provide more detail. Hereyago.

As you formulate how AI can help your sales team DURING their sales process, we offer this guidance.

We believe there are four data sets needed for AI to dynamically contribute to closing sales. Two of the four are about the prospect and their company/industry; the others are about your sales rep/company/solutions, and Track Selling.

Here's a thumbnail sketch of the 4:

  1. Prospect's personal profile (LinkedIn)
  2. Prospect's profile (their website)
  3. Salesperson's profile, company profile, and  their product/service fits
  4. Track Selling's philosophy, process, and methodology

The first two data sets vary with each prospect and company. The other data sets adapt to the first two, connect the salesperson to each opportunity, and suggest how to proceed using the Track Selling sales process. 

The AI secret-sauce of our Track Selling DialogueTrack is that it ingests the four data sets and produces a dialogue to reflect what is needed for all seven steps of Track Selling. It's a beautiful thing.

Our goal is to make it easy-peasy for you to combine Track Selling with AI in 2024.

Welcome to the brave new world of Track Selling DialogueTrack

Good luck and good selling. 

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