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Adapt your "Fill the Need" presentation to what prospects would most value.

We continue our case study to illustrate the power of combining Artificial Intelligence and Track Selling. We call it SalesIntelTrack (Sales Intelligence Track). 

Recent Tips provided guidelines for Steps 1-4. We learned what our prospect "Ken" values most in sales training content and outcomes. 

His three biggest sales training needs and desired outcomes are:

  • Develop a common language that all his customer-facing personnel can use.
  • Train his sales team to use social media and AI tools 
  • Increase sales results by 20%.

Now it's time for Step 5 - Fill the Need. Here's what SalesIntelTrack suggests.

"Ken, there are several important features that I'd like to tell you about.

(First Feature, Benefit, and Reaction question) The sales process we provide is called Track Selling. It's based on the science and psychology of how and why people buy. It's a process that's been fine-tuned for decades into a common language that is adaptable for the various roles of customer-facing personnel. As you see on these visuals, here's a primer on how people buy - the 5 Buying Decisions, why they buy - the 6 Buying Motives - and the 7 steps of Track Selling that pull it all together. It's a great fit for call center personnel because of its emphasis to listen, clearly understand, and take ownership to address the issue. How appealing would it be to have this type of structure and language that could be used throughout your call center?

(Second Feature, Benefit, and Reaction question) Our solutions include Track Selling MicroTrack. It contains a series of communication mini-lessons that call center managers use to coach their teams with real-world scenarios. How appealing would it be for  your front-line managers to increase their coaching skills? 

 (Third Feature, Benefit, and Reaction question) Our training methods adapt to client needs and their preferred ways to learn. Some call center support and sales personnel learn best in live multi-day workshops, others prefer micro-lessons, or self-paced e-learning, reading books or blogs, or listening to audio streams. We know that to learn, practice, and reinforce communication skills is not a one-size-fits-all. Here's a visual of our training tool kit. As you can see, we have a variety of training solutions and platforms. What are your thoughts? 

Our training outcomes have a great track record. Pepperdine University conducted a study of hundreds of our graduates and found an average sales increase of 25%. I'll give you a copy of that Study as we wrap up today. How does that match up with your expectations?

Relieve any prospect Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts, aka FUD's) by asking, "Do you have any questions?"

(Summarize features and quote the price) For your Track Selling training solution, which includes a common, structured language, a variety of modern sales tools, and a track record of significant increases in sales, your investment is $x." 

The key principle in the Fill the Need step is to have a thorough understanding of what the prospect would most value among the products and services you provide, and then adapt your presentation accordingly. In your three feature, benefit, reaction question sequences, include vivid word pictures in your benefit statements. Make it visual. 

Next week's Tip provides SalesIntelTrack recommendations how to close the sale with Ken in Step 6 - Act of Commitment. Yes, it keeps getting better.


If you're integrating AI for your sales team and are familiar with the Track Selling process to advance from step to step, direct your chat bot to include Track Selling's language, transitions, step sequencing, objection-handling, etc. If you're not familiar with Track Selling constructs and desire more insights, you can request it from the info@ address below. Ask and you shall receive.

For more insight into SalesIntelTrack, email [email protected].  

Good luck and good selling. 

To learn more about Track Selling, visit us at