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Agreement on Need assures your prospect that you know what they need.

We continue our case study to illustrate the power of combining Artificial Intelligence and Track Selling. We call it SalesIntelTrack (Sales Intelligence Track). 

The past two Tips provided questions to ask in Step  2 - Qualification. Now it's time for Step 3 - Agreement on Need to confirm your understanding of sales training needs to Ken, a newly hired CEO of ABC company. 

In today's Tip, we provide a likely Agreement on Need statement and responses that follow from SalesIntelTrack. 

In response to your qualification questions - and back at your office - Ken's responses are input into SalesIntelTrack and the following Agreement on Need emerged.

"From our discussions, it's clear that you have specific expectations and standards when it comes to your technology vendors or partners. As I understand it:

You prioritize having responsive partners who are attentive listeners, ensuring that they keep you abreast of the latest developments in the sales training space. This means they don’t just offer static solutions but evolve with the industry’s needs.

Also, the right strategic and cultural fit for you hinges on the vendor having deep-rooted experience in your industry. More importantly, you'd like the trainers themselves to have substantial firsthand experience in selling complex enterprise technology solutions. You foresee a good vendor fit re-vitalizing your team's selling skills. 

In terms of outcomes:

You’re aiming for measurable growth in sales performance. Specifically, you want to see a 20% or more increase in sales post-training, which would then prompt you to expand your partnership with the vendor.

By aligning with a vendor that embodies these qualities and delivers the desired outcomes, you aim to revamp your sales team’s capabilities and drive substantial growth in your sales metrics as a new CEO.

Is that correct?"

This agreement statement effectively captures the key takeaways from the qualification questions, offering a clear understanding of the prospect's needs and the desired results Ken is targeting.

Imagine Ken's response to an Agreement on Need email that has the above in italics. His likely response? "WOW!!!"

What do think will be Ken's response to your follow-up phone calls or emails requesting follow-up discussions? Yes, welcome back!

Next week's Tip provides SalesIntelTrack recommendations what to show and tell Ken during Step 4 - Sell the Company. Yes, it keeps getting better.


If you're integrating AI for your sales team and are familiar with the Track Selling process to advance from step to step, direct your chat bot to include Track Selling's language, transitions, step sequencing, objection-handling, etc. If you're not familiar with Track Selling constructs and desire more insights, you can request it from the info@ address below. Ask and you shall receive.

For more insight into SalesIntelTrack, email [email protected].  

Good luck and good selling. 

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