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What caused the objection? How do you overcome it? 

Most sales people can anticipate future objections their prospects will voice. How? By recalling prospects' Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts (FUDs) they contended with in the past.

Here's a Track Selling solution. Make a list of your most chronic, vexing objections. Then consider questions to ask in Step 2 - Qualification to identify early-on which objections will likely arise later in the selling process.

Then anticipate what you can show and tell to remedy those FUDs during Step 3 - Agreement on Need, Step 4 - Sell the Company, and Step 5 - Fill the Need. 

This proactive approach will remedy prospect concerns before they grow into objections at closing time. By anticipating likely objections, you can reverse engineer how to handle the steps leading up to Step 6 - Act of Commitment.

As our friend and mentor Roy Chitwood asserted, "You don't have any problems in selling that you can't overcome by knowing how to sell."

Roy was right.

Good luck and good selling.

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