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Your prospects love to engage with you through stories

When you were a child, you likely loved hearing stories told by parents, siblings, teachers, and friends. Many stories taught moral lessons you still remember today.

  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Lion and the Mouse

There's something magical about stories. They transport our imagination, enliven the senses, and help us visualize what can be.

The science and psychology of selling suggest that storytelling can be a powerful arrow in the quiver of a sales professional.

The Track Selling sales process encourages use of stories, especially in Step 1 - Approach, Step 5 - Fill the Need, and Step 7 - Cement the Sale.

This encouragement was reinforced by one of our affiliates, Rob Stenberg, whose sales career has been enhanced by the power of selling through storytelling.

Step 1 - Approach, a wonderful opening question goes something like this, "Can I share a quick story with you?" Then relate a relevant story to the person, place, and time of your conversation.

Step 5 - Fill the Need, share stories during Feature-Benefit-Reaction sequences that paint vivid word pictures of how your product or service provide client benefits.

Step 7 - Cement the Sale, share a story about how your follow-up after the sale makes a difference in client success, profitability, and sense of well-being.

Storytelling was magical to you as a child and still can be as a seasoned sales professional.  

Good luck and good selling. 

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