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SalesIntelTrack recommends qualification questions

Today we continue a Case Study to illustrate the power of combining Artificial Intelligence and Track Selling. We call it SalesIntelTrack (Sales Intelligence Track). 

Last week we introduced a scenario for Step 1 - Approach. We are selling sales training solutions to Ken, a newly hired CEO of ABC company, a Minnesota call center software developer. 

In today's Tip, we provide qualification questions for Step 2 - Qualification that SalesIntelTrack created. These questions emerged from a database of our company strengths - as a provider of sales training solutions - matched with likely interests that Ken would have as a call-center software company CEO. See questions highlighted in italics. These questions point to our company's strengths.


  • In your experience, where do sales teams tend to need the most development and coaching? How can training help shore up these areas?
  • For enterprises selling complex solutions, how can training help sales reps better convey value to call center software buyers?
  • How have you seen sales training evolve and change over the course of your leadership career? What emerging trends are you seeing that produce the best training ROI?
  • How can training help establish a common sales process and methodology across geographically dispersed sales teams?
  • What modern training delivery methods like microlearning modules, virtual role-playing, sales manager coaching, AI playbooks, etc. would you like to utilize?
  • The most desired attributes of call center personnel are to 1) listen patiently to customers, 2) thoroughly understand the reasons for their call, and 3) take ownership to resolve the issue. How does your company ensure that the skills taught in sales training are reinforced and used in call center real-life scenarios? Without reinforcement, how soon is sales training fogotten?
  • What do you see as a need for personalization in your sales training programs to cater to different learning styles and levels of sales expertise?
  • How do you perceive the connection between sales training and employee retention and engagement?  
  • How are you incorporating lessons from top-performing salespeople into your training programs? 
  • How do you assess the need for external sales training versus developing programs in-house? 
  • How do you balance product knowledge and sales methodology in your training program?

The aim of these questions is to tap into Ken's executive viewpoint on strategic sales training initiatives that align to business goals and performance. As a CEO, Ken likely has valuable perspective on training integration, emerging methods, and measuring business impact.

Some of these questions are created to prompt Ken to consider the strengths of our products and services.

As a salesperson, if we get Ken to explain his insights about these questions, he converts the salesperson's opinions to his facts!

Please note that all these examples are open-ended and feeling finding. They are the types questions Track Selling recommends for Step Two - Qualification.

We're not suggesting you ask all of them. We suggest that you cherry-pick some of your favorites and go with those.

We're also not saying that you could not come up with qualification questions as good as these. We are saying that most sales people could not. 

Next week's Tip will provide recommended questions for Step 2 - Qualification to ask Ken about what he values in vendor-partner relationships. Yes, it keeps getting better.


If you're integrating AI for your sales team and are familiar with the Track Selling process to advance from step to step, direct your chat bot to include Track Selling's language, transitions, step sequencing, objection-handling, etc. If you're not familiar with Track Selling constructs and desire more insights, you can request it from the info@ address below. Ask and you shall receive.

For more insight into SalesIntelTrack, email [email protected].  

Good luck and good selling. 

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