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Track Selling Institute Momentum 

Begin with new customers 

Request our Best Practice Qualification Questions to Ask Prospects to win new clients.

Every company is challenged to increase revenue. In the words of our affiliate Tom Bligh, "If you want to increase revenue, gain new customers. If you don't think that customers are the most important part of your business, try living without them for 30 days."

Where do you begin? Define a Gain Strategy as part of your Track Selling Momentum. We suggest developing great qualification questions that engage and persuade new prospects to buy from you. A gain strategy assures them they're in good hands if they trust and buy from you. 

During Step 2 - Qualification, ask about perceptions of their current provider - your competition, (not mentioned by name). Further questions ask how their situation could be improved, what difference the improvements would make, and possible next steps toward the improvement process. All this adds up to persuading and winning new customers.

A customer gain strategy is usually conducted by sales personnel. Gain strategies keep you ahead of the competition with a growing market share and engender customer loyalty. We're happy to provide a list of great qualification questions, available on request. If you'd like the list, contact us at [email protected]. Ask and you shall receive. We're here to be of service.

Good luck and good selling.

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