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Q: What corporate visuals influence prospects?

A: A well-curated Wall of Fame appeals to your prospects' second buying decision regarding your company.  

In our Track Selling workshops, we suggest a transition statement when it's time to show and tell information about your company to a prospect. Here's the phrase...

"Let me quickly share a couple things that would be important to me if I were in your position"

Notice the emphasis on quickly share a couple things. Be brief, succinct, and focus on aspects of your company that would be of greatest interest and value to that prospect.

Consider displaying visuals to show the value your company offers customers. Visuals can illustrate your company's history, reputation, market share, name-plate customers, testimonials, etc. Visuals make your presentations more impactful and memorable.  

Combine the visual with verbal when you strut your corporate story. It's a powerful combination. 

NOTE: The above suggestions to display your company visuals can be produced on:

  • Print collateral
  • PowerPoint slides shown in-person on a large tablet, or via pre-recorded video, or live virtual video conference 
  • Printed and framed on a wall at your brick-and-mortar office (your Wall of Fame) that is viewed by prospects and explained by salespeople on walking tours.  

Good luck and good selling.

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