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We've all stood on the shoulders of giants. 

Who are your giants?

It's a delightful year-end exercise to consider the most impactful people in your life's history. Your biggest influencers could include parents, spouses, children, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. They could be living or deceased.  

Take some time before year-end and consider the four faces you would mount on your personal Rushmore. Then consider sending them a note of appreciation for the impact they had in your life. They probably didn't realize the extent of good they did for you. Letting them know will be a heart-healthy exercise for you and a delightful surprise for them.

It's claimed that this gratitude exercise will give you a month-long afterglow of positive emotions, especially if it's handwritten and - if possible - delivered in person. 

Now you can make a difference in the memory of their lives - as they did for you - through your recognition and attitude of gratitude.

My four are my bride JoAnn, my dad Bill Holm, my Uruguayan Mission President Gardner Russell, and Track Selling mentor Roy Chitwood.

 Good luck, good selling, and good Rushmore-ing. 

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