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In Admiration and Appreciation  

Today, I would like to publicly acknowledge and pay tribute to a man who has influenced the lives and careers of hundreds of thousands of salespeople throughout the world. A man who spent 60 years elevating the role of the sales professional. My uncle, Roy Chitwood. The greatest salesperson I’ve ever known. 


The inventor of the consultative Track Selling System. Roy believed that being a professional salesperson is a helping profession. One of the ethics and standards is to serve the client. Daily I hear whisperings of Roy in the sales vernacular of others. With over 250,000 people in 22 countries trained in Roy’s consultative sales process, it is no wonder Roy’s teachings echo in sales meetings throughout the world.


Roy was a true professional salesperson who believed that a salesperson makes a call for one reason and one reason only, to be of service. Roy’s business card read salesperson. Not CEO, not President, not inventor of the World Class Selling System, no, it read salesperson. That is how proud he is of the sales professional. And yes, I meant that in the present tense because with this many people practicing his teachings, Roy lives on today. 


To Roy Chitwood, sales is a helping profession, dedicated to being of service to customers. A professional salesperson never calls a client to “touch base”, but rather to be of value. A sales professional forms a mutually beneficial relationship with the client, where one’s success begets the other's. 


Roy was President of the global Board of Sales and Marketing Executives International. His sales process has been used by over 3000 companies worldwide. He has touched hundreds of thousands of lives, not only sales professionals but also their customers who have been ethically served with respect by a solutions-focused servant. Roy has made true sales professionals the world over.


I am honored to be able to continue his legacy and teach Track Selling. To teach a system that for the past twenty years has contributed to me personally and most importantly to my past extremely high-performing teams. To serve other companies as my uncle would have served them, helping unlock the greatest asset those companies have, the undeveloped potential of their people is humbling. 


I believe that sales is a helping profession because of my uncle, Roy Chitwood. If Roy has touched your life, if Track Selling has made a positive impact on your skills as a sales professional, and if your company has benefited from his efforts, please give Roy a shout-out here. I’ll light a candle, open a bottle of wine, and toast to my uncle with the messages he receives. Roy deserves public acknowledgment of his role in raising the status of the true sales professional.

 Good luck and good selling.

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