About the Track Selling Institute

Sales Training Professional with an emphasis on the Track Selling System created by Roy Chitwood, Max Sacks International

About Ron Holm

In the late 1980's, I worked in Minneapolis as a software technician. My responsibilities included system design, testing, tech training and software support. My employer, Open Systems, Inc. was an accounting software and ERP software publisher with about 200 employees. I believed my future would remain technical. Then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Open Systems decided to bring sales training to its distribution channel with hopes the training would increase reseller loyalty and the added pull-through sales would increase our bottom-line.

There were challenges:

  • Find sales training that would enable technical people to effectively sell
  • Adapt the content to our software products, services and sales cycle
  • Deliver the training - classroom style - throughout the U.S and Canada

Several vendors were invited to present, including reps from SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Miller Heiman, Dale Carnegie, plus a sales training company with a funny name, Max Sacks International.

The initial conclusion was the Track Selling System from Max Sacks provided the best balance of people skills and sales process. Before investing in track selling, it was decided to conduct a proof of concept that would involve an Open Systems tech person being trained to sell. That person would then team with a hardware reseller for 90 days in live selling situations. The results would be reviewed and a go or no-go decision made about bringing track selling to our channel members.

I was one of about 70 technical people and was selected to attend the three-day track selling workshop.

Full disclosure: I wanted no part of it. My perception of sales people was a bunch of fast talking, back-slapping, glib-tongued con artists. I went into the workshop with a bad attitude. I didn't want to be there. But by the end of the first day, I realized Track Selling could change my career. It could change my life. And it has.

During the workshop, there are many aha moments - epiphanies - that I knew would benefit me professionally and personally. Track Selling enhanced my life. I was thrilled by the experience.

During the following 90 days, Doug Orman (hardware reseller) and I we met with 23 live prospects in team-selling situations. One prospect came to no-decision, another bought from a competitor and we sold the other 21. It was incredible.

It was an impressive testimonial of how track selling training could enable a technical person who had never sold and close 21 of the first 23 prospects. Needless to say, Max Sacks International won the deal. I was so excited with my track selling experience, I decided to leave the tech side of business and go into sales, sales training and marketing.

Open Systems brought track selling to about 700 of our value-added resellers across the US and Canada. I became a sales trainer. Our resellers experienced great results and higher sales.

Years later I started my own company and continued to use track selling. Our company ranked in the top 1% of resellers.

I became a track selling distributor and began helping other companies adopt the science and psychology of selling, then adapt track selling to their products, services and sales cycle.

I've now done it for decades for hundreds of companies and thousands of sales people. It's a labor of love. I hope to be of similar service to you in meeting your needs.

Feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or call me at 651-269-8863

Until we connect, good luck and good selling, Ron


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